Not dead yet - aka Spun Up Colorways: Blue Jay

When I was in high school (that's the last four years of secondary school before going off to university for those of you unfamiliar with the American school system), some friends of mine and I were huge Monty Python fans. Such huge fans that we decided to recreate the "Bring out your dead!" plague scene from Monty Python's Holy Grail in our Advanced Placement French class. All of this is just a long way of apologizing for the long blog absence of the last couple of months.


There has been dyeing though, and packaging, and sending off of samples to box schemes in the UK and the US. All the dyeing has left me with a pile of scraps to spin up as samples.

Blue Jay Corriedale
Blue Jay Corriedale

This is my Blue Jay colorway done on Corriedale. I love Corriedale for a couple of reasons: 1) it's lovely to spin, and is a great beginner fiber, and 2) the wool has a bit of a sheen to it so that the final yarn has a lovely lustre and shine when spun worsted.

I spun up the scraps three ways: standard 2-ply, standard 3-ply and chain ply.

The scraps for the 2-ply didn't have much of the darker reddish brown section, so it's a mostly bright blue sample. 

The 3-ply had more of that darker colored top, and came out a gorgeous blend of blues and burgundies. I can see this as a great stockinette sweater, or a cabled cowl - something with a bit of texture that won't get lost in the variegation of the yarn.

The chain ply gave a lovely rounded yarn that I suspect will knit up with some lovely stripes. The colors are fairly close in hue, so it won't be an extremely contrasty striping pattern, but I think it will end up being pretty nautical!

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