Development of a colorway: Conkers

Things have been pretty quiet on the dyeing front for most of the summer, as I spent the majority of my time and energy packing up to move, moving, and unpacking from moving, not to mention sorting the girls into a new school, finding a car, and trying to generally get back into the swing of a semi-normal life.


But something happened at the end of August/beginning of September. I'd unpacked the fiber and the dyes, and suddenly I was throwing colors on to every single thing I could get my hands on fiber-wise, and spinning up a storm, and generally feeling really inspired and motivated. I've got a new colorway in the shop, with a bunch more coming along behind, and I'm full of inspiration.

Which brings me to this past week. Usually, I do a bunch of dyeing, and have an update once a month. But this past week, there was a picture that I couldn't get out of my head, a picture that demanded that I turn it into a colorway immediately!


I snapped this shot of some conker husks (otherwise known as chestnuts or buckeyes to those of you back in the States) while on a walk with the girls, and was completely smitten with the contrast between the green  husk, the creamy interior, and the rich brown of the chestnut hiding inside. So I pulled out some fiber and started to play. I wanted something that would bridge the brilliant, almost spring green of the husk, with the dark, rich mahogany tones of the chestnut hidden inside. 

This is what I came up with - a repeating colorway that blends the green of the outer shell with the rich browns of the conker inside. Shown here on Dorset Horn, I also dyed up some BFL with the same formula, and was so pleased with the results I had to spin up a sample immediately (on the bobbin on the right).

The yarn is destined to become a woven scarf in the near future, and the new colorway, Conkers, is now available in the shop. Enjoy!

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