Spun Up/Knit Up Colorways: Haematoma

My house is feeling a wee bit chilly these days, and I've taken to wearing a fair number of scarves and shawls around the house. Last week, on a particularly cold afternoon, I decided that I really could use a woolly hat as well. This led to the discovery that, predictably enough, none of my current vast collection of hats were exactly right. Clearly I needed a new one!

A few years ago I spun up some Corriedale in my Haematoma colorway (of bruising bike rides and Yarn Harlot fame) into a worsted weight 2-ply. I don't remember the exact details of the spinning, but it was done worsted style, and wasn't plied too tightly.

Last week I pulled this skein off the rack in my studio, wound it up, and cast on the Sitka Spruce Hat from http://www.tincanknits.com/. I've blogged more details about the knitting over at Porpoise Knits, but I am in love with the finished product.

Wow. That's a supremely dorky picture of me. But whatever. I have a new handspun hat and it's making me super happy! 

Now to start knitting up all the other stashed yarns...*gulp*

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