Final show prep

We're coming down to the wire here - I Knit Fandango is just around the corner! And I know I'm getting nervous when I'm waking up at 5:30 am and lying in bed thinking about booth setup and logistics and getting everything in to the venue get the idea.

A few of the colorways for I Knit Fandango
A few of the colorways for I Knit Fandango

So in addition to the Tour de Fleece colorways, I've got loads of other goodies to share with Fandango-ers. I'm bringing four bases in addition to the Ile de France - BFL/Humbug BFL, Shetland, Romney and Dorset Horn - and a wide range of colors, including the two colorways I've used for my Two Color Shawls. There will be some gradients, there will be variegated, there will be semisolid. Part of the fun has been figuring out which colorways to pair with which bases, and I've gotten the chance to do some more unlikely pairings. Whee!

In addition to the spinning fiber, I will also have a small selection of handspun, handwoven scarves available for purchase. I have, as you might imagine, quite a large stash of handspun yarn that's been lying around waiting for the right project. These handspun yarns are perfect for scarves - the weaving technique is very simple, and allows the beauty of the handspun to shine through!

I'm also hoping to have a few spindle kits for sale - putting these together has fallen a bit on the back burner, but there's still time to put the final kits together. Fingers crossed that they get on the stand - it's always important to recruit the next generation of spinners!

Please do come and say hello if you are at the Fandango this weekend. I'll be next to Kettle Yarn Co, and a little birdie told me we are right across from the front entrance, so I'll go out on a limb and say you can't miss us. See you soon!

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