Candy Cane fiber and hat pattern

I'm a big fan of handspun yarn, and even more a fan of patterns for handspun yarn. A couple of years ago there was a handspun design challenge on Ravelry to increase the number of patterns available for 4 oz/115 gr of handspun yarn. I designed two hats, and had an absolute blast writing up the patterns, including directions for spinning the yarn.


So this idea has been percolating in the back of my mind for a while that I'd like to occasionally offer patterns designed for a specific colorway or fiber that I offer. I'm pleased to say that the first of these patterns, the Candy Cane Hat, will be available (along with the appropriate fiber) before the end of the year - the fiber is drying as we speak, and the pattern is almost complete. Stay tuned!


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And we are live!

So...everything is listed and live in the shop. I'm a bit nervous about the whole checking out process, so please contact me ASAP if you have any problems. And if you don't have any problems, it would be great to hear that too!


The Shetland, BFL and Corriedale are all bagged and ready to go out the door. The last batch of the Cheviot is nearly dry, so it will certainly go out by Monday at the latest. I hope you enjoy your fiber!






Almost there...

The moments are counting down to the launch, and I'm getting pretty excited. More or less everything is in place: fiber is dyed and bagged and ready to go, I've taken more pictures then any sane person could possibly need, and I'm looking forward to unveiling this venture. Things still left to do: get some mailing bags, get organized on advertising for next month, and figuring out what's going to be next!


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